How to Use Current Events in the Classroom

She clutched a wrinkled, dirty newspaper clipping as she stood in front of the class. Some looked at her as if she were crazy. As she began reading from the paper, whispers started in the back of the room as everyone began to tune out.

Is that how you feel when you bring up current events in your classroom? Do you find your students tuning out because they aren't interested? Maybe it's because the content you're delivering to your 3rd graders is written for 12th grade level readers. Maybe it's because they haven't found a news story relevant to them. 

Prioritizing Piles in the Classroom

Most of us became teachers for reasons like wanting to share a love of learning, not because we loved paperwork. Yet it seems the average teacher is inundated with growing piles of papers and files. Even organized piles can leave you feeling frustrated as you try to determine what to tackle with your very limited time. So what can you do alleviate this problem? One might be tempted to utilize that just emptied scholastic box! Unfortunately, for the responsible teacher, out of sight does not equal out of mind. A better course of action is to prioritize those piles so that you can start eliminating them.