13 Ways to Practice Sight Words

Sight words. Love them or hate them, your students have to learn them. Being able to instantly recognize high frequency words not only gives students more confidence in their reading, it also enables them to increasing their speed, fluency, and comprehension.

So what happens when those sight words just won't stick with your students? You provide them with as many opportunities as you can to work with the words. Students can easily become disinterested if a variety of activities are not introduced.

The following list gives some great ideas to incorporate fun sight word activities into your stations.

1. Sand Pencil Boxes: place a small amount of sand in a pencil box or small container (enough to cover the bottom) - students can use their finger or pencils (eraser side) to write their words in the sand

2. Sing a Song: insert your sight words into this song to practice recognizing and spelling sight words. (Sung to B-I-N-G-O)

3. Magnetic Letters: students can use magnetic letters to build words off your word wall

4. Hand Print High Fives: Write sight words on hands (print, trace, or dicut hands); after students say the word they high five the hand. Don't worry, we've made it easy for you! Stop by Resource Ranch to pick up 220 words organized by grade level!

5. Paint in a Bag: Place washable paint (just in case!) in a Ziploc bag. Cover the seal with duct tape to ensure it stays closed. Students can use their fingers or q-tips to write their sight words in the paint.

6. Parking Cars: Write your sight words in the parking spaces. Students will "drive" the cars in the parking spaces as they say the word.

7. Power Tower: Write sight words on paper or plastic cups. Students say the word on each cup as they build a tower.

8. Stamping: Provide a word list, alphabet stamps, and paper for your students to practice their sight words.

9. Play Dough Mats: Students will work on mastering their sight words and build fine motor skills in the process! 220 pre-made mats are available from Creation Castle.

10. Sidewalk Chalk: Take advantage of a sunny day and let your students practice writing their words in chalk on the playground.

11. Roll, Read, and Write: Use this free editable template from Resource Ranch to set up this simple center. All students need is a die, pencil, and this roll, read, write recording sheet.

12. Alphabet Beads: Provide a word list for your students to build words with alphabet beads on pipe cleaners.

13. Shaving Cream: Pump a small amount of shaving cream on the table. Students write their words with their fingers in the cream. (Shaving cream will disappear with use.)

You can never have too many ways to work with sight words! Check out these additional resources sight word readers, printables, interactive books, flashcards and more from Resource Ranch and Creation Castle!

Let us know how you practice sight words in the comments!                     

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