Why You Should Prep for a New Student Now

A few years ago, my classroom resembled a revolving door.

I was hired two weeks into the school year... there was a surprising amount of kindergarten enrollment and they added an extra position at the last minute. I had three days from the time I was hired to get everything moved into my room, setup, and be ready to teach on Monday.

I started the year with 17 kindergarteners. It was awesome. However, after the first month of school, my kindergarteners were constantly welcoming a new friend or saying goodbye to a loved classmate. You see my principal had parents volunteer to move students to the new kindergarten classroom. Since most kids were finally getting settled in their classrooms, many of the parents that volunteered to switch classes knew they would not be staying long.

Throughout the year my number of students fluctuated between 16 and 25. One thing that I needed, but never had time to focus on was prepping materials to have on hand for when I welcomed a new student to our class.

Every time we had a new student, I was scrambling during lunch or planning time to find all the necessary forms and handouts to send home with the them. Each time I thought to myself "Get your act together! Make a few extra copies and get some packets ready for if another student comes." I never did though.

Not only was it stressful each time a new student came (filling in curriculum gaps, building connections quickly, restructuring groups, finding a new chair, etc.), it was also time consuming to gather all the materials.

I've created this free set of forms to help you be prepared if/when you receive a new student this year.

I would suggest including a few extra things your new family may need to know, such as your homework policy, dress code, etc. There is a list included in the download above with suggested items to include. I also like to send home a letter with reading and math tips, as well as a list of websites the students could use. Grab this free websites printable to send home anytime of the year!

Free Websites for Kids Printable

What do you make sure to send home with new students on their first day?


  1. Thank you for the free website resource!

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!