Four Reasons to Focus on Word Families

Word families, words with the same the same rime, are also known as phonograms. They are an important tool in helping emergent readers learn to decode words. They help children use patterns to recognize letters and sounds that work together in a systematic way to form words.

Here are four reasons to focus on word family instruction: 

1. Word Families Improve Predictability - students learn to identify word family words quickly as they compare an unknown word to known words with like patterns instead of trying to decode letter by letter

2. Word Families Improve Fluency – by decoding more quickly the student is able to read more smoothly

3. Word Families Improve Spelling – as students become familiar with reading word families they begin to incorporate those patterns into their daily writing

4. Word Families Improve Confidence – in learning each family the student learns several words at one time; children are encouraged in their reading ability as the number of words they are able to read successfully increases

Learning the 36 most common word families will help in decoding nearly 500 words.

To improve word family instruction in our classrooms, we created an all-inclusive resource packed with tools for whole group instruction, guided reading, centers, tutoring and more!

Take a peek at some classroom resources that can improve word family instruction! (Everything pictured is just a sampling of what is included in our Word Family MEGA Bundle!) You can also download a free sample of the -at family or the -ig family

Word lists for every family, pocket chart picture cards, and word cards
make teaching and reviewing your word family words so easy!

Store all your materials in binders to keep everything organized!
Sections dividers are included for guided reading, centers, and printables.

Choose between a picture flip book or simple word flip book
to  easily differentiate for your students' needs.

Students can work with magnetic letters, dry erase markers or letter tiles to build words.

If your students are ready to build  these words on their own,
leave the picture pocket chart cards out as a reference.

Read, stamp, and write worksheets for each word family.

These three piece puzzles are a great visual of the onset and rime.

There are several printables included that will keep students engaged
while learning and practicing their word family skills.

Bundles also come with EXCLUSIVE content! This picture and word sort is only available in the bundle.
Students can match the word, picture, and word ending together - or you can mix and match!

Students can use clothespins to clip the correct word ending.
Students could also use a dry erase marker to select the correct ending.

Write the room is always a class favorite!

There is much more included in this resource! The word family MEGA bundle (or any of the word family bundles) will change your word family instruction forever!

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