Crayon Storage Made Easy!

I don't know about your classroom, but I've always found crayons cause a lot of trouble! Someone broke their blue, someone lost their red, all the yellows disappeared from table one, etc. Then magically at the end of the day all those crayons end up on the floor!

One way I've found to combat the crayon complication is to have a central location where all the extra crayons are stored.

You will need:
Two 3-Drawer Containers (mine are Sterilite containers from Target)
Box Tape or Velcro
Crayon Storage Labels

Step 1: Print the storage labels. Grab it free below!

Step 2: Laminate (optional... increases durability) and/or cut the labels out.

Step 3: Decide the order of your labels. I like to put the colors in alphabetical order.

Step 4: Pull out each drawer and attach the labels one at a time.
I like to loop the box tape and put it on the back of the label. If you don't laminate the label cards, I would highly suggest placing the box tape on top of the label. Simply cover the label with tape and attach the excess tape to the bottom of the drawer.
Step 5: Sort the crayons into the appropriate drawers.
Obviously the color labels are self explanatory. I have used the rainbow label two ways with my students.
  1. The rainbow label can be used to signify any color that is not represented in another drawer such as apricot, green-yellow, blue-violet, etc. 
  2. Instead of students sorting the crayons throughout the day, you can have your students place any random crayons they may find during the day in the rainbow drawer. An appointed student can use extra time during their day to sort through the crayons their peers find.

Hopefully this system will help keep your crayons under control this year!

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  1. I'm going to use a small tackle box w/ eight sections to separate colors. With one box for each group. Hopefully will cut down on students searching for crayons.