12 Items That Might Be Missing In Your Classroom

You’ve spent countless hours planning, organizing, and creating an inviting learning environment. You feel a sense of pride as you step back surveying your room while at the same time thinking to yourself “What did I forget?” It is kind of like packing for a trip, no matter how well you plan, you’re going to forget something and not realize it until the very moment you need it.

Some things we don’t so much even forget as just not consider. My first year of teaching a sweet parent arrived just as class began the day of my birthday with a beautiful bouquet. Immediately I realized I had never thought to bring a vase to school. The bell rang and there was no time to go in search of one. By the end of the morning I was disappointed to find the flowers were already quite wilted. It also never occurred to me to purchase Band-Aids for my room. I expected if a child needed one, the Nurse would have an ample supply. Little did I know that the need for them is a daily occurrence in a first grade class and I would become an expert at covering recess scrapes and paper cuts alike, often mid instruction.

Here are 10 more things that may be missing from your room:

A tool kit
- mine included a hammer and nails, measuring tape, screwdriver, and hex key/Allen wrench

Nail polish remover – great for quick removal of writing on laminated name plates or bulletin board pieces

Newspaper – for easy clean-up of those painting and messy craft projects

Goo Gone – if you find yourself in a sticky situation, Goo Gone is the easiest way to remove label residue

Lotion – you will find that continually handling paper and constant use of hand sanitizer is very rough on your skin

Thank you notes – you will occasionally receive gifts from students/parents; take time to acknowledge even the smallest of gifts and their thoughtfulness, they often come from those that can afford it the least

Desk lamp – will allow you to write notes or grade papers when students are watching those Magic School Bus episodes

Envelopes – students tend to dump out their backpacks in strange places and many times parent communication is better kept private

Refresh kit – personal items such as toothbrush/paste, deodorant, etc. for those after school parent conference requests after sweating 30 minutes during outdoor dismissal duty

Emergency quarters – for those days a coke or bit of chocolate move from a want to a need

What is a “must have" in your room other teachers may be missing?

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