Over and Under the Snow

I always get excited about seasonal children’s books that offer lots of teaching opportunities and “Over and Under the Snow” is a great example. It is a lovely pairing of narrative and informative text describing the “secret kingdom” under the snow. As a young girl and her father cross-country ski over the snow, children will be introduced to twelve different animals who spend winters in their homes under the snow.

“Over and Under the Snow” has won many awards including Outstanding Science Trade Book for K-12 by NSTA/CBC and New York Times Notable Children’s Book. “Messner packs much information into the serene wintry landscape, beautifully captured in Neal’s Stunning retro-style illustrations. Calm, lovely, and richly informative. – New York Times

If you like this book you’ll want to add “Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” also by Messner, to you spring reading list.

Messner, K. (2011). Over and Under the Snow. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books LLC

This book would be a great introduction to researching forest creatures. Animals included: red squirrel, shrew, white-tailed deer, vole, snowshoe hare, deer mice, bullfrog, beaver, red fox, chipmunk, black bear, and bumblebee. I find it helpful to students to provide them with a template for collecting information about their topic. Once they’ve gathered their facts we start the process of report writing. The ability level of your students should guide you in choosing the most appropriate template.

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The imagery stands out in this book with “rattling leftover leaves and strong, silent pines that stretch to the sky” and “hot dogs sizzling on pointed sticks”. As you might guess from the title, this book is also a great prepositions review tool. I’ve created a set of task cards as a book extension for practicing/reviewing both prepositions and verbs in the classroom.

Click on the picture above to grab these FREE task cards on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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