Groundhog Day Books + Freebie

Are you looking for some read aloud material for Groundhog Day? Check out these books:

Freeman, D. (2002). Gregory’s Shadow. 
Gregory always feels braver with his best friend (his shadow) but but the farmers will not be happy to see shadow so Gregory makes a plan.

Gibbons, G. (2007). Groundhog Day!
Learn about traditions that led to Groundhog’s Day along with facts about groundhogs.

Holub, J. (2013). Groundhog Weather School: Fun Facts About Weather and Groundhogs  
Professor groundhog holds class in attempt to improve the accuracy of predictions.

Korman, S. (2003). Groundhog at Evergreen Road – a Smithsonian’s Backyard Book.
A look at a typical groundhog's day and behavior through the adventures of a ten week old groundhog.

Miller, P. (2010). Substitute Groundhog
Groundhog comes down with the flu and must find a replacement.

Richardson, A. (2002). Groundhogs: Woodchucks, Marmots, and Whistle Pigs (The Wild World of Animals)
Basic facts about the physical attributes, habitat, and behavior of groundhogs.

After talking about the origin and reasoning for Groundhog Day, try conducting a poll with your students. Let each child make a prediction if the groundhog will see his shadow or not. Create a class graph and look at your data together.

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Downloading & Rating a Free Resource

Have you noticed a few changes to the Teachers Pay Teachers website recently. There is a fantastic tech team behind this innovative website that is constantly improving the way things work. One of the more recent changes is what happens when you download a free resource.

In the past when you downloaded a resource, you could leave feedback immediately. To encourage honest reviews of products, you now need to take an extra step to leave feedback.

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Over and Under the Snow

I always get excited about seasonal children’s books that offer lots of teaching opportunities and “Over and Under the Snow” is a great example. It is a lovely pairing of narrative and informative text describing the “secret kingdom” under the snow. As a young girl and her father cross-country ski over the snow, children will be introduced to twelve different animals who spend winters in their homes under the snow.

“Over and Under the Snow” has won many awards including Outstanding Science Trade Book for K-12 by NSTA/CBC and New York Times Notable Children’s Book. “Messner packs much information into the serene wintry landscape, beautifully captured in Neal’s Stunning retro-style illustrations. Calm, lovely, and richly informative. – New York Times

If you like this book you’ll want to add “Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” also by Messner, to you spring reading list.

Messner, K. (2011). Over and Under the Snow. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books LLC

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